for the environment


The green choice of Darsena San Marco Marina Resort


Only solutions designed in full respect of the territory and the Grado Lagoon

For Darsena San Marco Marina Resort, it is of paramount importance to preserve the environment and our natural ecosystem.

Only in a naturally balanced environment it is possible to offer boat owners excellent services.

All proposed activities are conceived and implemented with the utmost consideration of what the impact on the location and its unique Lagoon might be.


What do we actually do for the environment?

  • photovoltaic panels cover the roof of all structures at the Darsena San Marco
  • two charging stations for electric or hybrid cars are available in our parking areasa
  • our radiators are equipped with thermostats to prevent energy waste
  • the taps in the guests’ toilets are equipped with timed mixers to avoid water waste
  • twilight sensors are mounted on the lights of the whole exterior perimeter to avoid wasting electricity
  • we are gradually trying to use LED lighting
  • we have minimised single-use plastic consumption
  • we recycle as much as we can
  •  a water cooler with paper cups is available in the offices to discourage the use of plastic among employees
  • water and electricity columns at the quayside are equipped with counters and work on a consumption basis to avoid waste
  • separate waste collection is carried out daily
  • an ecological area is available for special waste from boats
  • a depuration system is available for boat washing water
  • the purchase of biodegradable shampoos and detergents for washing boats is encouraged
  • education initiatives on environmental issues are organised annually
  • we have an agreement with Cosper company for the discharge of on-board sewage