The service

conceived for your convenience


Dry Marina

With the dry marina, the daily hauling and launching of your boat become reality!
Daily hauling and launching

The solution designed for those who do not want to leave their boat in the water for a long time

Ideal for those who do not want to apply the antifouling to the hull, leaving the hull as good as new.

A large shed and a yard for storing dinghies and small boats are available to customers.

Moreover, it is an excellent leaving base for your holiday, and by using the launching and hauling service you can also park your car and trailer for the whole duration of your holiday.

Time is precious

Launching in a few minutes

The recently purchased 45-ton mobile crane is the ideal solution for those who do not want to waste time or do not have time to waste!

Our sailors, all with a licence to use the crane, will take only a few minutes to put the boat in the water.

A 5-star service

Carefree daily trips

Users do not have to worry about parking their cars since parking is always guaranteed, regardless of the arrival time. The dry marina is available for annual and seasonal bookings, but also for daily trips. We give our customers the opportunity to try our service and visit us or simply change ‘air’ for a day!